You need a reliable electrician when you’re installing air conditioning. The final fit off and connection to power requires and electrician for this job to be completed in full compliance with our laws. Some air conditioning companies have electricians on staff. Some use contractors. Some fit it off themselves. None of those situations are completely practical.

Relying on contractors to fit you in add an element of uncertainty. You also have to pay for a sparky to come out and do a quick job.

Having an electrician on staff may sound like the perfect solution. And it might be. If they’re fully insured and licensed. Which, if they’re working for a firm that doesn’t specialize in electrical work, they may not be. An air con company that employs a sparky will find that they don’t have the in-house the critical mass to keep licensing and insurance matters in full compliance.

We see some companies where the air conditioning guys fit off the final electrical work. We can sympathise with them. When you’re onsite it can be hard to work with other trades. On a commercial build the sparkies have their responsibilities, and your air con isn’t one. They don’t want to fit off a unit they didn’t want to install. So the air con tech does it himself. It happens.


We Are Electricians

We’ve got a much better way of dealing with the problem of electrical work on air conditioning installations. We are electricians. We are bona fide air conditioning installers who did dozens of air con jobs last month. But we’re also Gold Coast electricians South East Electrical. (And for that matter, we’re also Brisbane electricians South East Electrical.) We can do all our own electrical fit offs because we are a fully licensed and insured electrical company. And that is one of the ways that we’re a better choice for your next air conditioner installaion.

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